Chris Saraceno

Chris Saraceno is a business, real estate investor, speaker and leader who has, over the past 38 years, discovered what surrounding yourself with the happy and prosperous people, coupled with hard work, can bring over a lifetime.

​A vice president and partner in the Kelly Automotive Group, he has been a partner in 14 different automotive franchises, and founder of the online community, Chris has built the skills necessary during his career to inspire individuals and teams to achieve goals they wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible. By having mentors — and being a mentor to others — Chris has learned a secret of most successful individuals: You don’t have to do it alone.

Chris has been a featured speaker and author, and is a former advisory board member for AutoTrader, DealerRater, Hire The Winners, and Cemboo SaaS Distribution Platform, as well as a co-founder of the training company Team Builders, Inc. He was a member of the launch team for General Motors EV1, and one of the three original Saturn Corporation lead trainers, where he helped develop Saturn’s “one-price” selling process, which influenced how vehicles are now sold. Chris is also an executive producer and co-writer of the hit song, “The Theory of 5 Song.

”​Chris lives in Merritt Island, Florida, with his wife, Lisa, and has four children and six grandchildren. He is committed to giving all of them his best energy and guidance, and to providing an example of what will be accomplished when you have support and an exceptional attitude.

Andrew E Schultz

Andrew E. Schultz, II has over 40 Years experience in training, coaching, mentoring and executive coaching along with extensive certifications and credentials. He has led many different organizations in the Automotive Industry, Manufacturing Aerospace, and the Railroad Industry.

He has also been on a personal development journey studying and following many of the great leaders: Stephen Covey, Don Miguel Ruiz, John Maxwell and many more along with two special personal mentors, Bob Farley and Dr. Wayne Andersen.  Andrew retired from training in 2018 and recently came out of retirement to partner with Chris Saraceno to help launch The Theory OF 5 Coaching University. Andrew is the President of The Theory of 5 University and has a passion to lead executives.

He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Gloria and they also have a home in Florida where they split their time throughout the year.  Between the two of them, they have 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandsons.  They enjoy spending time with each other, working on home/garden projects, traveling, reading, walks on the beach, long conversations, and being with family.Andrew is a voracious reader, loves spending time with his wife and family, woodworking, traveling and RVing.  He is passionate about helping others find their true, authentic self.
Chris Saraceno
Business Mentor • Coach
"Surrounding yourself with the right circle of people can make all the difference in life” - Chris Saraceno
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