20 TO5 Paperback Books

You will recieve 20 copies of the The Theory of 5 paperback book.


The Theory of 5 is about five mentors that will provide best results for a balanced and successful life. The author lived inside the Theory of 5 and sought the advice and lessons of his mentors, he has found that there are five main areas in which, we focus and hone our skills, we'll recieve the absolute best results to a prosperous life. These were the categories where Chris Saraceno sought the advice and lessons of those he respected and wanted to emulate:


  1. Business and Finance - A rewarding career and freedom from money woes enrich all areas of your life.
  2. Marriage - Your life partner can be your greatest asset or your worst nightmare.
  3. Parenting - Your chirldren are your legacy, and helping the younger generation makes us better adults.
  4. Spirituality and Religion - No matter what your religious convictions are, it's important to have a spiritual framework to deal with life's constant ups and downs.
  5. Health and Fitness - Success in orther areas can be worthless if you don't have your health.


Finding those who can guide, teach, model and challenge you in each of these areas is the central idea of The Theory of 5. 

20 TO5 Paperback Books



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