What Is The Penalty For Not Doing Homework?

What Is The Penalty For Not Doing Homework
Family Time is Not Homework

The goal of a parent is simple: We are responsible for preparing our children to excel in life. We do this by giving them the tools, education, support, love and encouragement to live up to their potential. 

Achieving this goal, however, can be difficult. Before they’re ready to go out on their own and face the world, we must make decision after decision about their wellbeing.

In every situation, we weigh the benefits our children can gain with the risks they’ll face.

How much should we protect them, and how much should we let them face to become stronger and more able to stand on their own? 

While some of these decisions are easy — eat dinner before dessert, brush your teeth before bed, etc. — others might not be.

What age should they be able to date? How late should they be allowed to stay out?

What is the penalty for not doing homework?

Often there might not be one correct answer to a situation. It’s in these grey areas where even the best-intentioned parent may face a dilemma.

And, our kids are growing up in a different time — a different world — from when we did. They face challenges that didn’t exist before — the answers we can pull from our own youth experiences might not be enough.

It’s in these moments when having mentors in your life can help you find the right course for both you and your child.

With a network of parents you trust and respect — those who have raised, or are raising kids who will win at life — you’ll find a place to ask your questions and get the guidance you need when the answers aren’t clear.


With the Theory of 5, you’ll learn what to look for when seeking the guidance of other parents. You’ll see why it’s valuable to not only speak with those with children who are now productive adults, but with parents who have children at or near the age of your own. Good parents are always questioning the decisions they make; learning to ask the right questions, however, is what sets excellent parents apart from those whose children will fail to thrive as they get older. 

There is no greater gift we give the world than children who will make a positive impact on it. These are the children who were taught from the very beginning of their lives the lessons that allow them to become all they were meant to be. The road is not easy — every decision can help or hinder our children’s development — but you don’t have to travel it alone. By using the Theory of 5, you’ll give yourself and your children the edge you both need to succeed and excel in life.

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