The Power of Goals

Making a Detailed Map to Your Dream Life

The Power of Goals
Setting goals to get yourself to the TOP!

To develop a sound business and financial foundation, or to achieve anything worthwhile in any area of The Theory of 5, it’s essential we have goals and a vision. In all the lessons my business and finance mentors have shared with me, this is one of the most fundamental steps of them all.

Just as we wouldn’t set off to a vacation destination without consulting a GPS, it’s vastly more difficult to reach our best life without an idea of what that life would look like.

It isn’t a lack of money that keeps most people from their dreams; Most people who fall short don’t have a specific plan.

It’s much easier to determine and execute the actions, efforts and habits it takes to achieve great things if we have a vision of what we’re working toward. When we know what we want and why we want it, we’re much closer to discovering what we need to do to achieve our ultimate goal.

So, what are our goals? What’s our purpose?

We must not only engage our minds to answer these questions, but our hearts and our imaginations, as well.

Anything worth achieving starts with an idea. Inspiration and daydreams are key to building a vision. Imagine the life you fantasize living. Seeing it in detail is the first step to making it real.

It’s not the last step, however. Far from it.

What most people in society fail to do is to put in the action and effort necessary to take this blueprint that our imaginations have drawn and make it a reality.

One of the first actions we should take, my mentors have shared with and modeled for me, is to put specific goals down in writing. This simple but profound action takes the ghost of an idea and makes it real.

Once this happens, the path to our goals and vision suddenly begins to materialize. Our daydream develops into reality — when we put in the effort to make it happen.

Making It Real Takes Work

Depending on what’s going on in our lives at any given moment, our motivation can lag from time to time.

Again, when the going gets rough, many people in our society decide that they’re dreams aren’t worth the time, effort and daily commitment it will take to achieve them. Their dreams die as these people lose their focus.

Written, achievable goals that challenge and stretch us are essential to keep this from happening during those times when our drive fades. I’ve found that stated goals:

  • Provide us with daily focus on the actions and behaviors we need to succeed

  • Allow us to push through to overcome procrastination

  • Support us with time management and the daily disciplines needed when distractions look particularly inviting

  • Give us a sense of our daily purpose and vision

Our goals don’t have to be life-changing, earth-shattering destinations. It might be as simple as losing five pounds or learning how to better use a piece of software.

We might achieve these goals in a week. They’re still important, however, because achieving small goals is key to accomplishing our major life goals.

Our biggest goals are made up of several smaller steps. Losing five pounds might give us more energy. Learning that piece of software may help us grow our business and revenue. We don’t change the world with one massive effort; we reach our ultimate goals with dozens or hundreds of smaller steps.

Each step requires a clear vision, no matter the scale.

we combine a vision with our goal and make life unfold to reach successes beyond our dreams

Putting It in Order

When we’re designing our blueprint and starting to take action, it’s crucial to prioritize what needs to be done. We can’t do everything at once; if we try, we’ll get overwhelmed and/or discouraged.

This is another major reason why many people fail to achieve their dreams.

There’s a temptation in our multitasking-happy society to try to do several things simultaneously, maximizing our time. More and more researchers are coming to the conclusion that humans are actually incapable of multitasking on a consistent basis and still excel.

When we try, we’re just jumping from action to action, rarely putting in the time and focus to actually accomplish our specific goal.

Performing 10 percent of 10 different actions will seldom get us to where we want to be.

Prioritizing our goals to reach a specific vision allows us achieve laser-beam focus on the most important thing first. Once we accomplish this task, we can move on to the next. We’re not putting things off when we do this; we’re getting things done.

We’re now coming up on the end of the year which is an excellent time to look back and analyze what we’ve accomplished and look to the coming year to set new goals.

In my next article, we’ll continue this discussion of goal setting and I’ll share methods we can use to take our dreams from theoretical to reality.

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