OR Versus AND

OR Versus AND

This concept, described by author and business consultant James C. Collins, comes into play when people believe they have to make a choice between what they consider to be two contradictory paths. “I can live a balanced life OR I can have prosperity,” for example. “I could be a good husband OR a good father.”

Collins went on to describe an extremely liberating strategy called “The Genius of the AND.”

All of my mentors prescribe to this concept.

They discovered and implemented the daily behaviors needed to have a balanced life AND create prosperity.

They take the time to maintain and improve their health AND spend quality time with their families.

Does this happen overnight?


Will it happen if we put in the proper time, extreme effort and laser focus?


Limiting ourselves to certain options before even considering we could have it all ensures limited results.

The Theory of 5 will guide you in achieving that balance and dominating one or all of its specific areas.

It will allow you to find success and achieve your dreams.

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