Making Your Marriage Work Right

Making Your Marriage Work Right
There are some soft spots and hard places in marriages

Deciding that the person you’re with will be your life’s partner is one of the most pivotal moments you’ll ever experience. Choose well, and they’ll be your greatest asset. You’ll be each other’s biggest fan, constant companion and unlimited source of support and inspiration. Choose poorly, and your life will be a series of battles in a war where no one wins.

That decision isn’t where the process stops, though; deciding to spend your lives together is only the first step in what will — with dedication and, yes, effort — be a lifelong journey. Many of us, however, having made that decision, soon stop trying to impress our mate. They start to get “what’s left” from us at the end of the day. As we begin to take each other for granted, the relationship starts to break apart. Those cracks might be invisible at the beginning, but if the foundation crumbles, the relationship will shatter. 

With a divorce rate upwards of 50 percent in the United States, this is an area many of us need to work on. The toll of a breakup or divorce is felt both monetarily and spiritually; it’s hard to win when it’s hard to breathe. To avoid this fate, there are moments when we need a guide. There are times when the right assistance or words of encouragement can make the difference between being a statistic and being an inspiration.

Finding older couples with relationships we’d like to emulate is an excellent way to keep our relationships at the top of our mind, where they belong. Learning what has worked for other couples — how they’ve gotten through tough times and what they’ve done to support each other through the years — can keep our own relationships fresh and healthy. And, as we go through life together, new challenges will appear as we age. Knowing what the road ahead looks like through the vantage point of more experienced mentors helps us to know what to expect — and what pitfalls to avoid. 

With the Theory of 5, you’ll learn what to look for in selecting couples who can guide you in being each other’s best friend. They’ll help you in making the wise decisions that will keep you and your partner in love and on the same team for life. And, when you’ve gained the experience and wisdom that living with your soulmate brings, you can pass that wisdom on to a younger couple who are where you have been. 

With the right companion, life can be an amazing adventure. It doesn’t just happen, though; maintaining and strengthening a relationship takes hard work, but it’s well worth the effort. By using the Theory of 5 to find guides to help you navigate the road ahead, your trip together will be a wonderful journey.


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