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Crush 2023 Resolutions with The Theory of 5 Masterclass

The most difficult part of sticking to New Year’s Resolutions is integrating your goals into your day-to-day life. Even if you are a consistent reader, self-improvement books are only valuable if you act on the material offered. We created The Theory of 5 Masterclass to provide a structure for your self-improvement goals; led by high performance mentoring coaches and centered around Chris Saraceno’s theories, it is designed to make you unstoppable.

Your Leaders

Chris Saraceno, The Theory of 5 Author.

Chris Saraceno is a business executive, real estate investor, speaker and leader. Over the past 38 years, he has discovered what hard work and surrounding yourself with happy and prosperous people can bring to your life. During his career, Chris has built the skills necessary to motivate individuals and teams to achieve goals they wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible. By having mentors – and being a mentor to others – Chris has learned a secret of many successful individuals: You don’t have to do it alone.

Andrew Schultz, President of The Theory of 5 University.

Andrew is an expert in the coaching and mentoring space, holding 40 years of experience in these areas as well as personal growth. His work and friendship with Stephen Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has made him a master at educating, teaching and facilitating others.

Andrew and Chris have been connected for 20 years, and their partnership for the Masterclass began due to Chris’s admiration for the way that Andrew lives The Theory of 5 life – he truly walks the talk.

“He wants to see people live their best life. It is in his heart and in his soul, and I don't think there is anything he likes more than to see people grow.” -Chris Saraceno

Top-Class Facilitators: Grover Hardin, Crystal Davis and Gloria Schultz.

Grover, Crystal and Gloria are expert communicators and coaches who all bring unique specializations to the table.

With over 30 years of military and corporate experience, Grover Hardin has a proven history as a Corporate Operations Executive with a passion for helping leaders and organizations accelerate their growth and exceed business objectives.

Crystal Davis is a #1 International Best Selling Author, motivational speaker, trainer, direct sales leader, visionary, and certified life, confidence, and dreambuilder coach. Her passion lies in helping people deliver their message to the world by empowering people to discover their purpose and develop unshakable confidence.

Gloria Schultz brings a warm, encouraging approach to personal transformation as a life coach and Certified Health Coach with OPTAVIA.

The Theories

The Theory of 5 is centered around 5 key areas that make up a person’s life. It guides us through how to find the necessary mentors to excel in each area and how to unlock the secrets to living a happy and prosperous life.

“For those of us willing to internalize the lessons, mentors can help us navigate life’s opportunities and challenges.” -Chris Saraceno

Some areas will come naturally, and others will need some fine-tuning. This is where finding your mentors is crucial; iron sharpens iron. Think of the people you know and admire in each area, and we will help you become them.

SpiritualityIron sharpens iron came most into play for Chris during his spirituality journey. While he was a mentor to his close friend in the area of health and fitness, his friend was his mentor in this area. Spirituality is different for everyone, but finding your place and focus in this large world is the premise.

Relationships – A relationship with the right person can lead to your happiest and most prosperous self, while the wrong person could lead to a nightmare. Exploring specific things to look for and do in your present and future relationships will also establish a healthy, generous relationship with yourself.

“People who make it about ‘me’ instead of ‘we’ typically do not excel in life. When you focus on that partner and making their life great, that is when they give back. The more we give, the more we get.” -Chris Saraceno, on advice from his marriage mentor

Parenting – The main goal of every adult is to make sure that the children we know can survive and thrive without us. If you are not a parent, you could be an aunt or uncle, work with kids, or simply be a mentor to them. Learning how you make an impact on our world and others is crucial.

Business & Finance – The reason we want to excel in this is for freedom and independence.

Whether it be providing stability for ourselves and our families or having the opportunity to donate to our favorite charities consistently, our finances can determine our ability to craft a happy life. Finding mentors to support our ideas and ambitions–regardless if they are big or small–is the beginning of it all.

Health & Fitness – It is impossible to excel in the other 4 areas without taking care of yourself first. Chris once received integral advice from one of his mentors in the form of a simple question: If you could buy any car you wanted, but you could only have that one car for the rest of your life, would you pay for repairs or necessary maintenance, keep it in a garage, only put the best oil and gas in it and more? We only have one body. We cannot replace an arm or a leg. We have to do the work.

Personal Development Materials

Knowing yourself and discovering your life’s wisdom is as simple as using the right tools.

Learn your Behavior Type with the DISC Birds. Most people know of the DISC Personality Assessment, but it is only effective if you have something to relate to. Are you the eagle, who loves a challenge? Or maybe you are vocal and energetic, like the parrot? Grow by discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

Tap into Emotional Intelligence. ‘Book smarts’ only gets you so far. Learning how you mentally process things that happen to you, and how that is communicated to others, drastically impacts your outlook on life. Hardwiring your brain to be positive for yourself and for others is a great step.

Dive into the Onboard computer. The human brain is the most powerful computer in the world. Every point of view that we have goes through our onboard computer asking either positive or negative questions, which in turn impacts our feelings and behaviors. The behaviors we have determines our results. Learning how to produce healthy behaviors will create a prosperous life.


The Structure

Enrollment in the 10-week program includes a weekly, one hour Masterclass call and a complimentary copy of The Theory of 5 paperback and PDF book and The Theory of 5 Workbook. Using these tools, you will be challenged to dive deeper into your thoughts, emotions and values.

“The reason we are all going through this is so we can have the best life possible.” -Chris Saraceno

Secure Your Spot!

Ready to invest in yourself for 2023? Sign-up for the next Masterclass at The Theory of 5 University site, or contact Andrew Schultz at or 215-485-3021 for more information.


“I know it is a book and people take it as general elements to help their lives. Anybody can think about what will be happening to their lives and anybody can look at these elements and say ‘ok that makes sense.’ But to truly embody what it means to do that is totally, totally different. To really go through every single one and learn that as an individual lesson one after another, is truly special. So I recommend you go and get the book, see for yourself.”

- Xavier, The Theory of 5 Dance Challenge 1st Place Winner

“I am also very very grateful for to5 pretty much just showing me I need to slow down and focus more on life and the important things in life as far as health, finances, family, prosperity and spirituality. Staying grounded and realizing that tomorrow isn’t promised. I literally just lost my grandfather the other day, and it really shows you life is not guaranteed for the next day, and you gotta be grateful for everything that you have and everyone around you.”

- Daminiq, The Theory of 5 Dance Challenge 3rd Place Winner


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