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Welcome to the Masterclass

The Theory Of 5 has scheduled an eight week masterclass for people with a growth mindset. August masterclass is filled. Next 8 week masterclass will start mid-October. Read below to learn more and join us!

Become a Coach

Productive Class

These classes are not recorded Zoom videos they are interactive to bring out the best ideas!

Every Week

Every week at the same time which makes it super easy for everyone to jump on a 1 hour meeting for 8 weeks.

Best Network

We're all looking to build something bigger and better. What better way than to network with a group of adults and your own theory.

Masterclass Outline on Noble Goldman

Week 1 - Introduction & Outline

Week 2 - It All Starts With You & Your Theory

Week 3 - Finding Spiritualty That Works For You

Week 4 - Marriage and/or Partnership

Week 5 - The Power of Our Parents & Parenting

Week 6 - Minding Our Business & Our Finances

Week 7 - The Only Body & Mind We'll Ever Have

Week 8 - Start Now from Theory of Action

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