Chris Saraceno business executive, speaker and leader who has, over the past 34 years, discovered what surrounding yourself with the right people, coupled with hard work, can bring over a lifetime.

A Vice President and Partner in the Kelly Automotive Group and founder of the online community, Chris has built the skills necessary during his career to motivate individuals and teams to achieve goals they wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible. By having mentors — and being a mentor to others — Chris has learned a secret of most successful individuals: You don’t have to do it alone.

Chris has been a featured speaker at numerous conventions and has published dozens of articles both online and in business magazines. While he speaks on a wide range of topics, the goal of all this activity is the same: to help people achieve their potential and live their best life.
Chris lives in Satellite Beach, Florida with his wife, Lisa. He has two daughters, two step-children and five grandchildren. He is committed to giving all of them his best energy, time and guidance, and to providing an example of what can be accomplished when you have the right attitude and the right assistance.



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